Understanding Watch Repair Services

Understanding Watch Repair Services

Looking for watch repair services? Watch repairs can be easy but at times costly, a reason you might want to do it yourself. However, that isn’t something you should really be doing especially if you are looking for Rolex watch repair. This is because while it may seem simple there are a few nitty-gritty you don’t really know about it.

Additionally, watch repair services for Rolex aren’t as costly as you would think – you could get your antique watch repaired at a cost you didn’t think possible before.

How Much Do Watch Repair Services Cost?

Some watch repair services, like that of battery replacement will cost you will below 100 pounds. Rolex watches are known to last year’s so you wouldn’t have to worry about a battery replacement before 5 to 10 years. However, some other watch repairs aren’t as cheap -especially for instance if the dial stops working or if you have an antique watch – like the mechanical one – which has stopped working. Those watch repairs need some expert hands, and you would want them to be done only by ones who have been trusted by others – whether it’s other customers, or your family and friends.

Let us take a look at the different problems your Rolex watch may have and what a Rolex watch repair would cost.

Dial Crystal Replacement

The glass type material covering the hands and dial of the watch is called the crystal. It often breaks or gets scratched during use. To replace the acrylic crystal of a low-cost watch will need you to shell out around 30 pounds. Expensive watches which use synthetic sapphire crystal, like one from a Swiss manufacturer will cost you upwards of 150 pounds.


Servicing of Mechanical Watch

A complete servicing includes taking the mechanical parts apart, cleaning and oiling them, assembling them back and do the necessary repairs alongside. The charges can start from 200 pounds, but antique watches will need up to 1000 pounds or more. To service a Rolex watch, you need to spend anything from 600 to around 1000 pounds.


Strap Changing

A standard leather strap replacement can cost a good 20 pounds, and the price is even lesser for watches that use plastic straps. But metal bracelets like steel, gold or platinum cost more depending on the material. A steel one will need can cost as much as 75 pounds to replace while a gold or platinum bracelet can cost around 1000 pounds.


Watch Repair Services for Rolex

If you are worried that you would have to spend a lot of time in going to the store and repairing your Rolex watch, you need not worry. All you may need to do actually is just to send the repairs by post and the repair centre will send your Rolex after watch repair – back to you by post! You will, as a result, save both time and money. And with a reliable watch service centre, you wouldn’t have to worry much too 0 since you would know that they would do their job properly.

Do remember that the above is the estimated cost of watch repair services. The service charges vary for other kinds of repairs. Get in touch with a reputed watch service centre to get your watch functioning again.