Tips for Naming Your New Business

Tips for Naming Your New Business

Got brain fog when it comes to trying to decide on a name for your business? Here are some tips to help you successfully name your business.

Avoid Hard-to-Spell Names

You don’t want potential customers getting confused and misspelling your companies name. This can be bad for business because it may make it harder for people to find your company if it gets lost in translation and you could potentially lose sales. You also don’t want to be constantly having to correct people. This doesn’t mean it can’t be unique, just keep it simple.

Don’t Pick a Name That Could Limit Business Growth

Picking a name that is too narrow in terms of what your business can do may make expansion more difficult. You may only sell handbags just now, but you never know what the future is going to bring. Instead of naming your business something along the lines of “Jill’s handbags” call it “Jill’s Joy.” This leaves the brand open to growth.

Conduct Thorough Research

Ensuring you do ample research on the internet is incredibly important! Once you have chosen a name you like ensure you Google it, because unfortunately, someone may have already nabbed it. Which means you’re probably going to need to head back to the drawing board.

Get a .com Domain Name

The best domain name to get is one that ends in .com, rather than .net, .org or any other possible domain extensions. Customers tend to associate a .com web address with a more established business. Someone is probably going to already own your desired web address, but many domain owners are willing to sell if the price is right. You should also research what names are available on Facebook and Twitter etc.

Use a Name That Conveys Some Meaning

Ideally, your business name should be meaningful and relate to something positive about the business. Names like Google and Yahoo are appealing due to their catchiness, but these kinds of names will cost you a lot more to brand compared to a name that people will instantly get.

Conduct a Trademark Search

Use a trademark finder to get an idea of if you can get a trade or service mark for the name of your business.

Assess Catchiness of Name

You don’t want a boring business name that people are going to forget about. On the other hand, you also don’t want to choose something that’s too out there and people might not get. Your business name should resonate with the target audience.

Get Feedback on the Name

Come up with at least 5 names to run by your friends and family, once you’ve done that get some feedback from the target audience. This will not only allow you to see if people like it but to ensure the name has no negative connotations.