The Most Important Things When It Comes to Building a Website

The Most Important Things When It Comes to Building a Website

Anyone can build and run a website nowadays. The top priority that the website is user-friendly. But how do you make your website a great website?

Clear Navigation

Ensure that it’s easy for visitors to navigate the entire website. Keep it organised with logically named categories and use standard terms on your menus. This way everyone will be able to get to the page they’re looking quickly and easily.

Conversational English

You want to write website content like you are speaking to the consumer directly through the screen, not only will this allow visitors to feel more of a sense of connection to the website, it will also be easier to understand. Always remember that friendly, informal tone is better than a stiff and corporate one.

Avoid using industry jargon that may be difficult for consumers to understand.

Provide All the Relevant Information

One of the main reasons that people search for things on the internet is to find out more information. Due to this you want your website to have as much relevant information as possible. It’s better to share too much than too little, as this could put off consumers as many aren’t likely to seek any information further than through the internet (e.g. may not phone up to ask a question.)

Leave Out the Hype

If visitors to your page wanted hype they would have searched for BuzzFeed. Only give out honest and transparent information to visitors.

Ensure Your Homepage is a To-The-Point Summary

Your homepage should not be bombarded with content from every page, it should get to the point and express the general narrative of the website and what it has to offer. Keep it brief. If consumers don’t know what your website is about quickly enough then they may click off the website.

Create Unique Landing Pages for Specific Topics

You don’t want all your information to be on the homepage, nor do you want all of your traffic go through the homepage. Creating landing pages to specific subjects will also make it easier for people to navigate your website.


Use pictures to enhance your website. But ensure to take your own pictures, stock pictures can be great for convenience, but aren’t very personal to your business. You don’t even need to use an expensive camera these days, just a smartphone with a decent camera.

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

No one wants to go to a website and see a happy new year banner…in February. It makes a website look unprofessional and unreliable.  Make sure your website is kept up to date, if you never post new content or if the content is old this may make new and even existing visitors click off.

Make it Easy for Visitors to Contact You

No visitor wants to be trailing through pages and pages to try and find your contact information – and many won’t even bother. Ensure your contact information is either on a page of its own or in the footer of every page (or both!) This will allow visitors to contact you with ease.