How Has Furniture Upholstery Helped Our Centre?

How Has Furniture Upholstery Helped Our Centre?

There are a variety of different ways through which upholstery has been used on furniture in order to improve the overall look and feel of furniture as well as the longevity of the furniture itself. In this blog post we will share with you the impact that furniture upholstery has had on the women’s centre and the main advantages.

Furniture upholstery

Replacing Old And Worn Furniture

One of the biggest issues which needed to be addressed within the women’s centre more recently has been the quality of the furniture. As we often rely on donations , we have found that the quality of the furniture within our property is not always up to the highest standards. Therefore , we recently highlighted the need to improve the overall quality of the furniture and better prepare it for the near future.

One of our first considerations was selling the furniture. Although selling the furniture would free up space and give us cash for new furniture , we may not be able to replace everything. Another concern would be that due to our restricted budget we might struggle with buying new furniture.

We therefore began to research detail[s about furniture upholstery. This type of upholstery is when furniture is reupholstered in order to significantly improve its product life cycle as well as improving the overall design , look and feel of this type of furniture.

Furniture upholstery

The Reupholstery Process

There are a number of different factors that go into the overall re upholstery process. The first phase of the process is the contact stage , at this point both the customer and the re upholsterer are in contact. This is done to ensure that the furniture can be reupholstered at a set price and that a number of factors are taken into consideration.

After this process has been completed , the next phase is the upholstery process. Depending on the amount of furniture and its condition this can take anything from a few days to a matter of weeks. Regardless of the time frames so long as you use a reliable upholsterer you can be guaranteed high overall levels of quality.

Our experience with using the services of a furniture upholstery from start to finish was very well managed. One of the best aspects of the service was the professionalism and quality that the company demonstrated. When we brought out furniture in it was badly worn and damaged. However it was effectively repaired back to a very high standard overall.

Our Recommendations:

We have a number of recommendations which we would like to make for usng this type of service.

  • Know your budget
  • Consider your options
  • Find the best possible deal
  • Contact different companies for quotes
  • Consider how long you intend to use and keep the furniture that you are getting reupholstered


Overall to conclude we can say with confidence that the reupholstering of the furniture within our women’s centre brought us a range of benefits. It is well worth considering these services if you are considering replacing some of your furniture.