How Brexit Could Affect You

How Brexit Could Affect You

Brexit is a big issue which has been dividing the United Kingdom and provoking debate for the last two years. So what effect could it have on us all? well that remains to be seen as the UK is let to leave the EU. However in this article we will look at the pros and the cons of brexit and discuss how it could change the UK as we know it.


Immigration is a controversial subject and divides those both on the left and right within and outwith UK politics. A large argument on the part of those who want to leave the European union has been that immigrants have come into the UK and taken jobs that other people in the UK could have taken. On the other side of the argument people have argued that immigration has enriched our society and is what our society is built upon. The immigration debate in some cases has led to both racism and violence and provokes strong debate wherever it is discussed.


The economy is another area which has been the subject of fierce debate between many people here across the UK. Those in favour of leaving the EU have argued that in the long term we would be better off financially by leaving the European union. This was because the European union charges a “fee” to its members to contribute to the union and projects that take part across it. The idea of the leavers was that once we had left the EU we would not longer be paying millions in each year into it thus making savings for our own public services and projects.

On the other side of the argument there are those who argue that leaving the EU would be an economic disaster. This is because we have many European countries which trade within and outwith the UK. Although not all trade would cease many new laws , rules and regulations would need to be introduced and many trade and shipping firms are still as yet unsure of the full potential repercussions of brexit.

Effects On Everyday Life

There could be numerous effects brexit could have on everyday life as we know it. One of the most significant effect for many people across the UK is food prices rises slightly. It has been predicted that the prices of many foods and drinks could rise as a direct result of brexit being implemented. Since 2012 food prices have already been rising steadily and are becoming increasingly expensive. This means that cost of living after brexit could overall be noticeably higher after brexit.

Overall Conclusions

Overall there are a number of different conclusions that can be drawn on the effect brexit could have on us. What is certain is that in the short term there will be some degree of disruption to everyday life. Shortly after brexit there is likely to be a slight economic downturn. However it is unclear just how much this will affect the UK and how long it will last for. Furthermore the longer the brexit debate goes on the more antagonised the population is likely to become.