Factors That Can Affect Sexual Life/Sexual Health

Factors That Can Affect Sexual Life/Sexual Health

There are many factors that can have a negative impact on someone’s sexual health. Poor sexual health can then have a long-term effect on your sex life and sexual relationships. It is important to understand the factors that may impact this, as well as breaking the stigma around sexual health. Some medical factors can play a role in this, as well as preference lifestyle factors too. Here are some examples:

Cardiovascular Issues

Cardiac patients who are at high risk of experiencing heart attacks or strokes, may find this has an impact on their sexual lifestyle. Conditions like atherosclerosis can block your arteries, which can ultimately lead to the blood being blocked from travelling to the penis, causing erectile dysfunction. Moreover, sexual activity raises your heart rate, causing a risk of heart attack.

Smoking And Alcohol Consumption

Both smoking and the consumption of alcohol can affect your sex life. Cigarette toxins can damage the quality of sperm and can alter the structure and function of it too. Therefore, this increases the risk of infertility. Some people also find that smoking and alcohol can be the main cause of erectile dysfunction as well as low sex drive in women too.

Sedentary Lifestyle

A sedentary or overall unhealthy lifestyle can decrease your sexual wellness. A sedentary lifestyle can make you feel fatigued faster and reduces your stamina levels. This then impacts sex drive and overall performance in everyday life. You can lack motivation and drive to do anything. Changing your lifestyle and becoming more active like walking 3-5 times a week can significantly improve this.


Endometriosis is a disorder which affects around 10% (190 million) of girls and women. It causes extremely painful periods and pain during sexual intercourse. The pain mainly attacks the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the lining of the pelvis. It can often lead to women having no desire to engage in sex due to the unbearable pain that it causes.


Vaginismus is a reaction that the body automatically has relating to any type of vaginal penetration. It causes the vaginal muscles to tense, making it difficult for any penetration to take place. In the majority of vaginismus cases, women can not control this, and it can affect any woman at any time.


Sexually transmitted diseases can be the root of many issues affecting sexual health and performance. STD’s often come with unpleasant symptoms like pain during sex and genital discomfort (including genital warts). You are encouraged to refrain from sex if you are infected to stop the spread of the infection to others.

Final Words

If you notice a difference in your sexual health and wellbeing, it is best to contact a doctor or a sexual wellness clinic. They can perform tests like an overall wellness and STI check to determine where they may be an issue. They can also provide you with guidance and support on how to remedy this. It is vital that you understand the importance of sexual health and how it can affect other parts of your everyday life.