Bowmore Whisky | Whiskey For Beginners

Bowmore Whisky | Whiskey For Beginners

Bowmore distillery was established in Scotland in 1779. It is among the earliest distilleries in Scotland and still makes beautiful Bowmore whiskey to this day. It is located along the shores of Loch Indaal, which plays a critical role in the production of this Bowmore single malt. This is because the distillers are able to concur with the traditional methods of whiskey production. Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd currently owns Bowmore distillery, and you might be surprised to learn that, they still apply the conventional or the traditional production methods making their whiskeys some of the most sought-after brands, and it is therefore not surprising that Bowmore has remained one of the largest whiskey producers throughout the world. Bowmore remains one of the few distillers in Scotland.

Bowmore was first established by David Simson, who was a local businessman in Scotland. He was also a farmer, sailor but what he is remembered for most was his skills as a distiller. He arrived in the village at a time when Daniel Campbell had decided to build Bowmore as the capital of the island. He established the distillery firm, thus introducing the new Islay to the world.

As said at the beginning the distillery is now owned by Morrison Bowmore Distillers. They acquired the firm in 1963 making them the fifth owners of the distillery. They have continued to apply the traditional methods of production and has made them remain popular over a long time.

Production of Bowmore whiskey

There is no known record as to when the first Bowmore whiskey was distilled. It was, however, dated in the 19th century. In over a century, they have been able to apply the modern way of distillation, and they have also been able to improve their way of marketing by adding a visitor centre. They have also increased the number of stills to four.

The production and marketing of Bowmore whiskey have improved significantly with time. This was due to the entry of Suntory from Japan in 1994. Suntory also owned other distillery companies which made them flexible in the market. They, however, changed the original colour of the spirit, a move that was not taken kindly by some of their clients. The change of the aroma was not received well by their fans who felt unsatisfied. This was later resolved over time when most of these issues were corrected in the 1990s.

The whiskey produced at Bowmore is bottled as single malt. This is done either as official bottling or as independent bottling. They blend the rest of the whiskey as either Rob Roy or Black bottle whiskeys. Bowmore are good distillers who have been able to enjoy a good portion of the market, and they are able to make more expensive and quality whiskeys in the market.

Bowmore is among the few distillers that own facilities to malt. Though they are located close to the shore, they can’t use the salty water to make whiskey, hence they draw fresh water from Laggan River. They have three malt floors, however, these malt floors are only able to produce a third of the required malt. The remainder is brought from the mainland in Scotland.