Tarmacing a Drive | Everything You Need to Know

Tarmacing a Drive | Everything You Need to Know

Want to say goodbye to your muddy driveway? Sick of puddles of water constantly forming on your path? Tarmacing a drive may be your best option! Read on to find out…

Tarmac is one of the best materials you can use when it comes to driveways. With professional tarmacing jobs lasting at least 15 years without the need maintenance, you can’t really go wrong.

Benefits of Tarmacing a Driveway

There are many benefits to tarmacing a drive, these include;

Easy to install

Tarmac is laid as a hot liquid and is smoothed out before being allowed to cool. One of the main benefits of tarmac is it can be laid directly onto a pre-existing surface. This reduces the need for expensive clearance jobs to get rid of the material before.

Extremely durable and weather resistant

Once the tarmac has cooled down, it actually becomes an incredibly resilient and strong surface. With the ability to easily support excessively heavy vehicles, where other materials may crack under the pressure. This also helps maintain the appearance of your driveway and could raise the value of your house.

Value for money

Tarmac is cheaper than many other surfaces, giving you the most out of your money as it can last longer than many other materials and is going to cost you the least in maintenance fees – provided it’s done by an established and reputable company.


Tarmacing a driveway can be customised to suit the aesthetic of your house. You can choose between different colours, and you also have the option to add a border to your driveway. This gives you a little bit of individuality at the front of your property as you don’t need to conform to the universal stereotype that someone people seem to have about tarmacing a drive.

Easy to maintain

As previously mentioned, tarmac is an extremely durable surface. This also means that it is easy to maintain. Even if scratches or marks did begin to appear these are easy to repair. Although tarmacing a drive should be done by a professional, small repairs can be done by you if you have the right materials and equipment. If serious damage is made to the surface of your driveway this can also be easily fixed, by simply applying a new layer.

Cost of Tarmacing a Driveway

The cost of tarmacing a drive is dependent on the size, the average installation prices vary from £45-£50 per square metre. It also depends on the location of the property. For example, a driveway in big cities such as London could cost you above £1,700, whereas a more rural area you may only be paying £750. Most companies offer a free no-strings-attached quote so if you think tarmacing a drive is for you then don’t hesitate to find out how much it could cost you!